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Electric Dog Fence Outline

Branden A. | Webster, NH

“Thank-you! It was an investment well worth it! He is staying away from the flags and has a great area to play in. He picked up the system right away. We are very happy with Dog Guard, and thanks again for your timely response in getting it installed!”

Electric Dog Fence Outline

Alison P. | Amherst, NH

“We live on a busy road and a safe dog fence is very important to us. Gary was great about setting up our fence and training our dog on it (so quickly!) and he is very responsive when we encounter issues like an accidental clipped line, or a low battery. We definitely recommend Dog Guard for your needs.”

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TJ Howley | Dunbarton, NH

Gary and team at Dog Guard were beyond excellent to work with. Gary took his time to listen to our needs as well as balancing what was best for our dogs and crafted a perfect game plan. They then executed a tough install with smiles on their faces! When all was said and done, Gary came back then next day to help me work with our dogs and explain the system. We are so happy we made the call to Dog Guard!!

Danielle L. | Hollis, NH

Our experience with Dog Guard was nothing short of amazing! Gary was always extremely prompt and helpful when answering any questions we had. He was so good with our puppy and really made the whole experience seamless. I would highly recommend his services to any of my friends and family!

Deborah S. | Hanover, NH

Gary Knowlton of Dog Guard really got our family out of a pinch. Our dog fence wasn’t working and we had a rambunctious 16 week old puppy that was leaving our property every chance he got, despite my best efforts to chase him down. In distress, I called Gary and he came right out and fixed it! What a life saver!

Joe & Kim G. |

I just wanted to say what a great job you did here. Gary solved the problem in minutes and discovered after all it was Time Warner who had in fact cut my line. It was the cable company’s fault the system went down. Gary also rewired my front yard and place flags (and was not going to charge me for the service call!) Gary was terrific and we will recommend Dog Guard to friends as always!

RJ | New Hampshire

Thank you for keeping Molly-Dog safe. Having the Dog Guard fence has been the best investment, we do not worry about her chasing the kids next door.

Lisa S. |

Dog Guard has made it possible for us to have happy, healthy dogs that stay at home! Our Golden Retriever Max enjoyed it first, now many years later our Llewellin Setter Bo is enjoying our large 2 acre yard without a physical fence, and he’s a bird dog that LOVES to sprint. It’s a great system, we can’t do without it!

Doug |

Dog Guard Works Great!! All my pooches are safe. I work at a major home improvement center and recommend Dog Guard at least 10 times a week. I’ve had mine over a decade and will never switch. Great products and device. Thanks!

Geri |

I’ve had my electric fence for 11 years and have been completely happy with the unit and service you provide. I always get my questions answered and prompt service. Also you work great with the dogs. I have to say Dog Guard is one of the best investments I have ever made.

Kathi R. |

Our Dog Guard Out of Sight Fence keeps our little wanderer in the yard where he belongs. He was quick to learn his boundaries and loves being outside and free to roam!

Rob & Tammy |

We love being able to let her “run” and “play” and know that she’ll stay safely in our yard. We would highly recommend a Dog Guard Fence to anyone thinking of purchasing one!

Wanda C. |

All-in-all, I am thrilled with our Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing and would and will recommend it to anyone with a pet that needs to be confined to “their” space.

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